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WAN Cosmetics - by Wantings


Born in San Francisco, WAN Cosmetics - by Wantings (WAN by Wantings) embodies all the traits of our home city: urban, diverse, and modern. No matter where you are from or where you want to go, WAN by Wantings welcomes you into our modern and minimalist approach to living a healthy lifestyle. WAN by Wantings is built on the following pillars:

  • Reinventing the definition of simple and nontoxic skincare

  • Redefining traditional formulations with a new angle

  • Embodying the less is more approach while maintaining effectiveness and traceability

  • Empowering consumers to be harmonious and balanced

  • Blending east and west traditions - dual-cultured and multi-dimensional products

  • Women-owned and proud AAPI/POC brand

Follow along our journey as we bring to life our three core beliefs:

  • Essentials Only

  • Constantly Innovative

  • Elevated Effectiveness

Essentials Only

Living in a global city means having access to all types of choices. While this is a positive for many lifestyle aspects, having too many ingredients or choices for skincare isn’t always the best. WAN by Wantings helps filter through the endless ingredient options and chooses only the best for your skin. Taking away fillers and unnecessary ingredients allows our products to be simple yet effective.

Constantly Innovative

Along with our many tech-focused neighbors, WAN by Wantings only works with the most forward-thinking manufacturing and product development partners. We are constantly listening to your feedback - as an evolving brand, we have the ability to adjust our products as we go to suit your needs. With our partners in Europe and Asia, our products are developed with state-of-the-art technology to deliver for your skin needs.

Elevated Effectiveness

At WAN Cosmetics, we are always seeking ways to maximize effectiveness without compromising quality. Embracing diversity and global ingredients is a huge part of both our company culture and our approach to creating the most impactful products. Taiwan, where our founder is from, is home to some of the world’s most famous teas. Many of our products incorporate these high-mountain teas which pack our products with antioxidants that aid the skin in structure, firmness, and anti-aging.

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