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WAN Cosmetics is a modern minimalist lifestyle brand focuses on skin and body wellness. In WAN Cosmetics, we promote beauty and wellness from a minimalist standpoint - less complex skincare routine and more effective natural ingredients. Apply clean formulation with effectiveness for skin improvement.

Our core philosophies are:

Balance of Skin Hydration

Clean Formulation

Effectiveness & Multi-Purpose 

Careful Sourcing


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Balance of Skin Hydration

Skin hydration is the core when it comes to natural skin glow, reduce fine lines and prevent excess amount of skin oil causing serious acne problems.


Skin hydration is a simple principle but it's often ignored by most people especially when some visible/irritating skin problems emerged.

Clean Formulation

Know what's unwanted in our product formulation, we spend most of our time screening before product making. We apply our internal clean standard with hundreds of dirt ingredient list we don't use.

No fragrance and artificial colors, only the essential ingredients to simplify your skincare journey. 

Multi Ethnic Models

Effectiveness & Multi-Purpose

Less is more - WAN Cosmetics aims to reduce the number of items apply on your face and body. We develop multi-purpose products for your combined skincare needs. 

Not just clean but we want you to feel the real benefits we design for your skin. Clean formulation is our core foundation, we based on this principle to develop effective products for our customers.

Careful Sourcing

To understand our sourcing and to assure its origin is what we care about as we do concern of applying unethical or unverified safety ingredients in our product lines.

We develop a standard protocol to secure the quality of each of our product as our commitment to the community. It is also why we strive for creating plant based products to reduce the resources required from our planet.

Beauty Care


Last but not least, we tend to apply less packaging on our products to achieve our sustainability commitment. Only recyclable paperboard, glass bottles, and PET bottles. Try not to apply poly wrap on our secondary packaging.


To us, it is equally important to be kind to your skin and our planet.   

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