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Working Towards A Better World - The WAN Cosmetics Way

At WAN Cosmetics, our less is more approach is an integral pillar of our continued conscious and sustainable efforts. Just as our formulation principles embody a back to basics method, we are constantly evolving our relationship with the world we share.


Currently, our policy includes planet-conscious or recycled packaging and eco-friendly materials. Our goal has never wavered from the start - to provide a product line that is clean and effective, for both our bodies and the planet. 


Our emphasis on hand-selected and naturally-sourced global ingredients, along with removing synthetic or filler ingredients, brings to life our uncompromising belief that what we put on our skin directly affects our body’s health and our mind’s well-being. 





Clean Standard


  • WAN Cosmetics sources all ingredients from reputable suppliers across the world. We have high standards for the suppliers we partner with and believe in using quality ingredients in our products. We do not cut corners and are dedicated to quality over quickness or quantity. 


  • To us, clean beauty stands for products that are safe, non-toxic, and transparent in both process and labeling. Using careful research and development principles, WAN Cosmetics ensures that all ingredients used in our products meet our safety standards. We also work exclusively with trusted suppliers that provide full visibility into their supply chain and the quality of ingredients. 



  • WAN Cosmetics avoids using ingredients sourced from animal by-products and we are proud to be cruelty-free. Along with our trusted partners, we ensure that all of our ingredients are ethically sourced and environmentally sustainable. 



  • While we know that there is always room for growth and improvement, WAN Cosmetics is dedicated to using sustainable and eco-friendly packaging. We use glass bottles and recycled PET plastics whenever possible and we are proud to work with suppliers around the world who are leaders in sustainable packaging. WAN Cosmetics is proud to pledge the following actions on our part:

    • Remove all single-use products from our line-up by Q3 of 2021

    • All products and packaging will be 100% free from poly wrap and plastic sticker usage

    • Plastic wrapping and packaging will be minimized and use of recyclable packaging such as glass bottles, PET and aluminum tubes will be maximized 

    • 100% biodegradable tape will be used on all packaging

    • 90% packaging in glass bottles and more than 50% PCR application in our upcoming product portfolio. 

      • PCR plastics refer to any type of plastic material that is made from post-consumer resins. They are environmentally friendly and a more sustainable option that many manufacturers are beginning to use in support of their recycling programs and to help reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills. 

      • Recycled materials are made from current PET bottles and other types of plastics. Post-consumer resins are melted down into new materials and reused.



  • We believe in transparency in everything that we do - from the ingredients to packaging to brand beliefs. WAN Cosmetics believes in trust between the brand and consumer and we want our consumers to feel like they are involved and heard throughout every step of our product and brand development processes. 



Our aim is to use as many natural ingredients as possible and all of our products contain selected innovative ingredients.


vegan & cruelty-free

At WAN we ensure no animals come to harm, neither for our materials nor in the production.



All WAN products are produced by our certified partner laboratory in Germany and Taiwan, in an environmentally friendly way.

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