All skin types including oily, sensitive, and dehydrated need sufficient moisture and protection. WAN Cosmetics skincare line provides elements will greatly benefit your skin from plant-based nourishing and healing that are ideal to soothe, calm and feed the skin.



Driven by unique blended formula and various herbal applications from western and oriental practices.
Provides optimized hydration and improves moisture retention.
Protects from urban and indoor pollution.
Smoothing and skin hydration.
Helps soothe, calm and reduce dryness while in air conditioning indoor air or in winter time.


USE AM and PM to increase hydration, replenish moisture, soothe.

Apply onto palms or saturate a cotton pad/gauze.
Press into skin or use a light ascending massage.
Apply after treatment serum and moisturizer.


Skin Type: All skin types including dry, dehydrated, dull, sensitive mature and oily.
Formulation: Liquid
Size: 30ml - 1.01 oz glass bottle