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What Minimalist Skincare Means to WAN Cosmetics

Founded in 2017, WAN Cosmetics is a clean & science-based skincare brand. We wanted to reintroduce our brand and goals - as a San Francisco brand, our mission is to bring high-performance and consciously-packaged skincare & bodycare products to those that are looking to embrace a modern and savvy lifestyle.

Better Ingredients

From the very beginning, WAN Cosmetics’ mission was to bring minimalist skincare that is both luxurious and effective. Our goal to highlight science-led, clean, high-performance, and consciously-packaged products stemmed from our desire to create a lifestyle brand that complemented the modern routines of our community. In a world that gets louder and busier each day, WAN Cosmetics transcends the status quo and promises to deliver results without closed doors. As a brand, we are constantly evolving our formulations and products, with the end goal of simplifying your choices by providing the most effective, efficient, and worry-free routine.

We believe the first step to achieving our mission is to return to the basics. Better ingredients are the core of our brand and we source only the cleanest and most potent ingredients from all over the world. Embracing diversity and global ingredients is a huge part of both our company culture and our approach to creating the most impactful products.

Taiwan, where our founder is from, is home to some of the world’s most famous teas. Many of our products incorporate these high-mountain teas which come packed with antioxidants that aid the skin in structure, firmness, and anti-aging. Our products are always vegan and cruelty-free and never feature artificial colors, essential oils, or fragrances.

Simple Formulations

Our minimalist approach focuses only on what your skin needs to stay healthy, youthful, and natural. We do not pack our products with fillers, fragrances, or irritants. Just like our hometown, San Francisco, we are constantly faced with endless choices throughout our life. While this is a positive for many lifestyle aspects, having too many ingredients or choices for skincare isn’t always the best. WAN Cosmetics helps filter through the endless ingredient options and chooses only the best for your skin. Taking away fillers and unnecessary ingredients allows our products to be simple yet effective.

When it comes to skincare, less is truly more. Shorter ingredient lists lead to products that are more potent, concentrated, and results-driven. At WAN Cosmetics, we strongly believe in only including the necessary ingredients in our formulations and to never pack in fillers. We stand behind our hero ingredients and want them to take front stage whenever possible. Simple formulations can lead to the following benefits:

  • Reducing chances of allergic reactions: When the products that you use on our skin have more than 10 ingredients, it can be very hard to figure out which ones might be causing irritations.

  • Elimination product conflicts: We have all dealt with products that pill or don’t sit well with others. Less ingredients also makes it easier to figure out which products are causing issues in your routine.

  • More potent results: When a product is packed with too many ingredients, each ingredient becomes less effective. High quality ingredients without fillers are those that deliver visible and lasting results.

For those that have sensitive skin or want to get the most out of their products, less is definitely more.

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