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Beauty Comes Clean

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Almost everyone is talking about clean beauty without a clear definition. While the specifics vary, most retailers, brands and even consumers agree the key pillars include: safety, sustaina­bility, ethics and transparency.

WAN Cosmetics constantly rethinks how can we further embrace the beautiful concept and to gather some insight from industrial insider - Grant Industries, a leading global provider to the personal care and beauty industry.

Clean ingredients source over both synthetic and natural materials. Some might be surprised that not all synthetic ingredients are unsafe, in contrast they can be more stable sometimes to sensitive skin. This growing reality is consumers want products that are thoughtfully designed to have the least possible negative impact on human health, the environment and society—as we define it.

Over time, brands and consumers develop a structural perception on the way we consume and what really matters to our skin. That being said, we start to realize there are a lot of unnecessary ingredients added to our skincare products we use daily. These unnecessary ingredients are sometimes the reasons causing sensitive skin issues.

In consideration of be environmental friendly, safe synthetic ingredients are being reconsidered for reducing the amount of raw materials and leveraging a more efficient output to achieve the same purpose. For example, if citric acid can be synthesized in lab at timely fashion but safe. Why bother to use thousands of kilograms lemon to extract the same amount plus that requires more man power to do that.

In WAN Cosmetics, we are building the step by step process to embrace clean as much as we can. To do that, we find trustworthy suppliers around the world and discuss implementation from formulation to packaging design. Emerging green, sustainable technologies, safe synthetics, consumer education and institutional technical know-how are the way we find new paths forward for us to bring in to product innovation.

More to come, stay tuned!

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